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The site offers a gambling version of the game 'Oh Hell Stackpot™', a card game similar to 'Oh Hell', but based on money instead of points. The site provides a play money currency (FUN), and you are eligible to receive 50 new FUN every day by topping your balance up with a single press of a button. The site also offers play for real money (EUR) under the Curacao jurisdiction.




Oh Hell


Oh Hell is a trick taking game, where you are supposed to guess how many tricks you can take with the cards you have, and then try to take exactly as many tricks as you have guessed.

You start this game being 2-5 players at a table, randomly selecting a dealer and distributing 10 cards to each player. In clockwise order, starting from the person on the dealer's left side, every player guesses and bids how many tricks they will be able to take. When it is the dealer's turn, he may not bid an amount of tricks that will make the total number of bid tricks equal to the number of tricks in the hand. This effectively means that at least one person will bust (ie fail to take the guessed number of tricks) every hand. The person who bids the most tricks gets to start. If more than one person bids the most tricks, the one closest to the dealer starts.


Trick Taking


The first player to play a card in a trick gets to play whichever card he wants to. This first card defines the suit of the trick. The next player has to follow suit if he has cards in that suit, otherwise he can play any card. The player playing the highest card of the trick's suit wins the trick, and gets to play first in the next trick. Note that Aces are the highest cards.




The table currency for 'Oh Hell Stackpot' is called Hellcoins (H), and depending on the stake of the table, one Hellcoin can equal different amounts of money. But the number of Hellcoins will always be the same at every table, ie 10H ante for a 10 trick round. Each table will have the stake information available in the lobby and on the info board by the table.




When a game starts at a table, the initial number of tricks is always 10. For each hand, you pay an ante equal to the total amount of tricks in Hellcoins, ie 10H for the first hand. If you manage to take exactly as many tricks as you bid, you will win your ante back, plus one Hellcoin per trick you took. Otherwise, you will win nothing. If the lost amount of Hellcoins at the table is greater than the won amount, the remaining Hellcoins will stack in a pot that remains on the table for next round. This pot - if big enough - will be used to increase the value of each trick for the next hand. For instance, if the pot is 12H, and the next hand is a 9 trick hand, the trick value will be increased by 1 Hellcoin to a total of 2H per trick. Note that a Hellcoin can never be split in smaller parts, so the increased trick value is rounded down.


Joining an ongoing cash table


When you're joining an ongoing cash table, there might already be a stacked pot on it. For fairness, you will be charged an entry bet equal to your share of the pot. For example, if you're joining a table with 4 players and a pot of 40H, your entry bet will be 10 Hellcoins, that will be added to your ante. If the pot isn't evenly divided between the number of players, the amount will be rounded up to the nearest Hellcoin.


Sitting out


If there's a pot on the table and you sit out for a while, you will be considered having participated in your share of that pot when you sit back in. If the pot when you sit back in has increased, you only have to pay your share of the difference. For instance, if there are 50 Hellcoins on the table when you decide to sit out, and 60 Hellcoins when you sit back in, your entry bet, that will be paid on top of your ante (assuming there are 4 other active players on the table), will be 2 Hellcoins. Please note that for uneven amounts, the entry bet is always rounded up. For decreased pot, you will have no additional entry bet.


When everyone leaves the table


If there is a pot left on the table when everyone leaves it, the money will be removed and counted as rake. Therefore, we recommend everyone to leave their table after pot wipes.


Trick Policy


There are a few different models of how subsequent number of tricks is determined after the first hand. Below, each one is explained in detail.




For this model, the number of tricks will decrease by one for every subsequent round, until it reaches 3, after which it will be adjusted back up to 10 again: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-10-9-8...




For this model, the number of tricks will decrease by one down to 3 tricks, then increase again up to 10 tricks: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-9-8...


Always 10


For this model, the number of tricks will always be 10.




For the dynamic model, each round adjusts its tricks dynamically based on the results of the previous round. If the table pot size increases from last round, the number of tricks will decrease by one, to a minimum of 5 tricks. If the table pot is decreased from the previous round, the number of tricks will increase by one, to a maximum of 10. If the pot is the same as last round, the number of tricks will also be the same. If every player in the hand busts, an 'OmniBust' will be announced, and that always adjusts the number of tricks for next round to 3. If all tricks are taken by non-busted players, a 'Pot Wipe' will be announced, and the next round will have 10 tricks.


Game Fees


The game charges the players in a different way for cash games and for tournaments. For cash games, after each hand, if there is money left in the pot, a rake will be deducted. The rake is configurable, and may vary from 1 to 3 Hellcoins, and high stake tables typically have lower rake. For tournaments, you pay an entry fee to enter, which will consist of a tournament buyin (which will be used a prize pool for the tournament) and a tournament fee that will be up to 10% of the buyin.




When playing Oh Hell Stackpot tournaments or sit & go's, you may end up in a situation where you can't afford the upcoming number of tricks. When this happens, the table will go into 'All In Play', and the number of tricks for that hand will be adapted to the number of Hellcoins you have left. Note that the trick value is not modified, and will remain the same as calculated for the initial number of tricks intended for the round. If you are all in, you may not bid zero (unless this is the only bid available), as this behavior can stall a table for a very long time.


In Oh Hell tournaments, the currency is always Hellcoins, and instead of the classical Poker-style way of increasing the table costs, there are two other tournament models:


Limited number of Hands


This tournament model is a single-table tournament, which means a maximum of 5 people can participate. Only a specified number of hands are played, and the winner is determined by who is the leader after the last hand. Each player is always given enough Hellcoins to be able to participate throughout the whole game.


Burning Pot


For this model, a specified number of Hellcoins in the pot will burn up after every hand. This means that the total number of Hellcoins in the tournament will slowly decrease. To win the tournament, you need to be the last survivor.


Help & Support


If you have any further questions or need help, please go to our forums, and one of our administrators will assist you within 24 hours.