Why Burning Pot™ and not increased stake?

Why Burning Pot™ and not increased stake?

Oh Hell Stackpot™ revolves around a table currency called Hellcoins. The nature of the game is that instead of having a dynamic table fee like blinds or ante that can decrease or increase, the game has a stake which declares the value of a Hellcoin. In tournaments, there is no stake. Instead, you pay an entry fee to receive a number of Hellcoins as your starting stack.

Considering the nature of the Hellcoin table currency concept, it would be very confusing to increase the number of Hellcoins spent in a hand for tournaments only. But the purpose of increasing blinds is to limit the amount of time that a tournament runs, and this can be achieved without raising the stake or blinds.

The Burning Pot™ concept instead reduces the number of Hellcoins in play every hand. Eventually, there won’t be enough Hellcoins left for everyone to be able to have a stack, and people will start to drop out. What’s even more exciting with the Burning Pot™ idea is that a number of coins will burn away for each table in play. So in the beginning of a multi-table tournament, many tables will burn away many coins. But for the intriguing final table, where people will have brought all their winnings, the burn will be single-table only, and the end game will excitingly be more drawn out.

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